Please support New Begin

Although Okoa Jahazi is essentially self-funding, the support of children and families undertaken by New Begin requires money, especially to sponsor children through school, but also to provide food  to accompany medication so that HIV+ children can attend school.

Whether for sponsorship of a particular child or for general donations to the work of New Begin, there are a number of options for sending money.

equitylogo Bank transfer to our account at Equity Bank. This is efficient but the fees can be high for the sender, and further fees can be paid by the recipient.

Funds sent via PayPal can be transferred to our bank account at Equity.
 WU_TransitionLogo_MMFB_YELW_SM Western Union have a link-up with Safaricom that allows funds to be sent to our M-Pesa account. There are fees to withdraw the cash, but (especially for smaller amounts) this is better value than bank transfers.
 mukuru also offer transfers to M-Pesa, and are generally cheaper than Western Union. Although less well know than WU, we’ve used them a lot and would recommend their service. Pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

Ultimately the choice of transfer route is yours, based on what you are comfortable with what is available to you, and the fees that will be charged either to you or to us as recipients.

Note that Visa provide a page on Exchange Rates which allows you to check the rate you should get – many of the money transfer services use a less favourable rate (i.e. they hide fees in the rate). If you have a choice of routes, we suggest you choose the provider which delivers the most shillings for a given amount in your local currency.

Please contact us to get the recipient details appropriate to the method you have chosen.