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Judith Atieno Oduur

Judy went to Kiembeni Baptist Primary School, then to Coast Girls High School, where she achieved B-. She then joined the polytechnic where she studied electrical wiring. She is now training with the Administration Police, which ensures security of employment . Judith is the first-born in her family of four. New Begin  We supported her from Form 1 then through polytechnic.

Now employed, Judy can support her mum and siblings. Her mum is HIV+ and her dad has died.

We are happy for her achievement.

Pinky Rahma Salim

Pinky is one of our success stories, though she still wants to pursue her course in Community Development, and New Begin seeks support to see her through her college part in Kenya Polytechnic.

Pinky got a mean grade C+ which is a great achievement given the environment is not conducive to her studying comfortably. She’s a hard worker, very sociable, and gets along well with anybody who comes her way.


Rosemary Nanjira

Rosemary Nanjira
Rosemary was at school in Bamburi Community High School. She is the first-born of the New Begin programme. Rosemary is the first-born from a family of 4. Her mum is a widow, New Begin began supporting Rosemary in Form 2, and followed her through to Form 4. We faced a big challenge when she was in the fourth form as we didn’t have the money to pa or her exams. We went from shop to shop, even the supermarkets, to raise the balance plus her exam money.

Thank God we managed to raise the money, she did her exam in 2011, successfully undertook a hotelier course and is now supporting her mum.

If you hold our hands to support, we will change the lives of many.

Beatrice Njeri

Beatrice is in Form 2 in Valerye Mcmillan High School, Majaoni; she is a rather shy girl. She comes from a family of 2 girls; her sister Catherine has completed Form 4 and is working in Saudi Arabia to try to support her family. Their mum is HIV+ and single. The girls have been a great support to their mum. Beatrice is good in helping with household chores, whilst Catherine is a good counsellor.