Okoa Jahazi started in the year 2008 as Jahazi Support group; it started with twelve women and eight men. The main reasons as why we started Jahazi Support Group was as per our objectives.

  1. To provide a forum where People Living  with HIV (PLHIV) increase their involvement in mitigating the effects of HIV and AIDS to re establish a society free from HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination.
  2. To empower and support PLHIV in their basic needs through income generating activities.
  3. To advocate for equality among infected and lobby for the government for the support agencies for affordable medicine and home based care services.
  4. To improve qualities of the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS through an integrated social economic improvement.
  5. To create HIV/AIDS and drug awareness among the youth and the community at large.
  6. Provide guiding and counselling to dissolution member and import discipline together.
  7. Having kids club to sensitize the positive /negative children to live a good life with skills and knowledge of self employment i.e. through art work skill talent innovation and invention to mature kids.
  8. The group was then registered under ministry of gender, children & social developement in the year 2010 on November 23rd. Registration No DGSD/MSA/CD2010/1188. Okoa is based in Kiembeni,  Bamburi ward, in Kisauni constituency.
  9. Education being our major problem amongst ourself and the community at large we came up with a sub-branch known as New Begin. 3 secondary schools, 3 primary , 1 nursery to the school going children and also feed the orphans under New Begin we have youth and teens youths are from 18 and above, teens are 13 to 17 years; we also have kids from 6 to 12 years .
  10. In order to improve these youth’s talents we train them to create awareness through drama and songs poem and art.
  11. Its in this case we as Okoa Jahazi kindly request to work hand in hand with you and support us where you can.